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Overview of Animal Health Products

Go Molecular with Confidence

Our next-generation reagents and instruments give you confidence in your results.
  • MagMAX™ Sample Prep system for consistent purification of both DNA and RNA away from PCR inhibitors
  • Path-ID™ PCR and RT-PCR Kit master mixes for study design flexibility
  • VetMAX™ reagents for amplification of a wide range of target nucleic acid sequences
  • Easy-to-use instruments for PCR analysis

MagMAX™ Sample Preparation System

The MagMAX™ sample preparation system features an integrated design to simplify, standardize, and accelerate nucleic acid purification.

With the MagMAX™ System, you'll get:
  • Confidence in your results—highly effective removal of PCR inhibitors
  • Convenience—purify both RNA and DNA
  • Improved purity— reduce cross-contamination with magnetic bead technology
  • Sample flexibility—use with blood, milk, semen, smegma, tissue, ear notches, swabs, feces, and FTA cards
  • Ease-of-use—easier than filters for manual preparation, or you can automate using MME
  • Time savings—system delivers faster time-to-results

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Figure 1

Figure 1:
No Detected Cross-Contamination

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Time Savings

Figure 2:
Time Savings

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System Performance

Figure 3:
System Performance

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System Protocols

Figure 4:
System Protocols