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VetMAX™ Reagents Deliver Specific, Reproducible Amplification of Target Nucleic Acid Sequences.

Economic Significance of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyo)
Many producers are unaware of the prevalence of M. hyo in their facilities despite its ability to spread through a herd—and to produce a persistent dry cough, retarded growth rate, and high incidence of lung lesions; however, a program to monitor M. hyo will ensure that producers and veterinarians have accurate information to help them rule out the presence, and mitigate the impact, of Mycoplasma infections.

Benefits of PCR: PCR gives you improved efficiency within the lab. Detectable levels of antibodies appear more than 2 weeks (sometimes 3 weeks) after M. hyo inoculation. PCR is the most sensitive method for monitoring of DNA amplification.

Economic Significance of Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome Virus (PRRSv)
PRRSv is endemic in pigs, causing significant losses in the swine industry due to reproductive disorders, respiratory conditions, weight loss, and growth retardation.

Benefits of PCR: PCR can detect PRRSv in blood and semen as early as 24–48 hours after infection. Real-time PCR is the most sensitive method for monitoring early-stage infections through viral RNA amplification.

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