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VetMAX™-Gold USDA Licensed Detection Kit

New VetMAX™-Gold BVDV Detection Kit.
A new standard for BVDV detection.

VetMAX™ Gold BVDV Detection Kit

Now Available: the VetMAX™-Gold BVDV Detection Kit

No other licensed PCR BVDV detection kit allows for more accuracy, consistency, or confidence.

The VetMAX™-Gold BVDV Detection Kit is the most reliable PCR assay yet.
  • Enables unsurpassed repeatability, reproducibility, and reliability
  • Licensed by the USDA
  • Manufactured at our USDA-approved facility
  • Meets all stringent USDA quality-assurance standards—as well as our own
  • Provides high quality BVDV PCR assay performance
Designed so that every kit —every lot—performs at a high level, every time. Your clients get the accuracy they expect and you build the reputation you need.

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