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Downstream Purification

High Resolution, High Capacity Resins for Bioseparations

POROS®  Chromatography resins are today’s best-performing chromatographic media for process-scale bioseparations. These rigid, robust particles enable high resolution separations combined with high capacity and excellent chemical stability.

Introduced in 1990 and manufactured at a state-of-the art chemical manufacturing facility, POROS resins are available in a range of selections designed especially for today’s recombinant protein and other biological purification challenges.


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POROS Bulk Media

POROS® Bulk Chromatography Resin

High Performance Resin for Process-scale Separations

GOPURE™ Pre-packed Disposable Columns

GoPure™ Pre-packed Disposable Columns

Connect-and-go convenience for Development and Pilot-Scale Separations


POROS Analytical Columns

POROS® Analytical Chromatography Columns

High Performance Columns for Analytical and Lab-scale Separations

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