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GoPure™ Pre-packed Disposable Columns

Connect-and-Go Convenience for Development and Pilot-Scale Separations

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POROS® Analytical Chromatography Columns

GoPure™ Pre-packed Chromatography Columns

For biopharmaceutical manufacturers in early phase process development, the GoPure™ Pre-packed Chromatography Column from Applied Biosystems® combines connect-and-go convenience with high performance POROS® resin.

GoPure columns are available in multiple sizes, diameters and lengths, allowing for easy scalability from bench to larger scale processing.

Key Features:
  • Convenientfaster time to process and reduced time between processes
  • Simplified scalabilityqualified, reproducible pre-packed column simplifies process scale up or down
  • Flexible designmultiple diameters and bed heights, allowing column dimensions to be tailored to process requirements

  • GoPure™ 1.2 cm Diameter Column
    Suitable for media screening or bench-scale purification. It is ideal for scale-down models of process chromatography unit operations. Column volumes are 5 to 20 mLs.

  • GoPure™ 8 cm Diameter Column
    Suitable for early phase process development or pilot-scale purification. Column volumes, are 250 mls to 1L.

  • GoPure™ 20 cm Diameter Column
    Suitable for pilot-scale development or moderate scale cGMP purification process applications. Column volumes are 3L to 6L.
For early access or more information on GoPure columns, email us at: bp@lifetech.com