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Pharmaceutical Analytics

SEQ Rapid Molecular Methods

SEQ rapid molecular methods for pharmaceutical manufacturing help ensure the quality and safety of your pharmaceutical products especially when accuracy and time-to-results are critical. These methods help detect impurities and identify contaminants by using molecular techniques, such as DNA sequencing, PCR and Real-Time PCR, and are fast becoming the standards for pharmaceutical analytics worldwide.

SEQ rapid molecular methods are also ideal for use in public health laboratories, cosmetics and personal care products manufacturing, food testing laboratories, and academic and research centers.


View Our Complete Systems for Contaminant & Impurity Testing:

Bacteria & Fungus Identification

Identify thousands of bacterial and fungal species in under 5 hours with the MicroSEQ® Microbial Identification System.

Mycoplasma Detection

Detect more than 90 Mycoplasmas in under 4 hours with the MycoSEQ™ Mycoplasma Detection System.

Real-Time PCR Software

Detect the most common contaminants in a biopharmaceutical process using a single sample preparation step and instrument platform.

Host Cell Residual DNA Quantitation

Quantitate host cell residual DNA in under 5 hours with the resDNASEQ™ Residual DNA Quantitation Assays for CHO, NS0, Vero, MDCK, and E.coli.

Virus Detection

Detect viruses in under 5 hours with the ViralSEQ™ Virus Detection Assays for Vesivirus and Mouse Minute Virus (MMV).

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