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No One Else Offers the Full Sequence

Applied Biosystems equips all of its genetic analyzers with the same proven capillary electrophoresis technology, application-specific software, industry-leading BigDye® Terminator chemistry, and world-class support. Whether you need a single-capillary system for a few reactions a day, or a multicapillary system for a few million, we have your needs covered. And with our value-added upgrade program, you won’t lose a beat when you decide to increase your throughput.

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    Which Genetic Analyzer Is Right for You?

    Number of Capillaries 96 48 24
    4 1
    Compatible Applications:
    (S) Supported; (A) AB Demonstrated; (C) Customer Demonstrated; (N) Not Supported
    BAC End Sequencing S S S S S S S
    Checking Clone Constructs S S S S S S S
    De Novo Sequencing S S S S S S S
    Heterozygote Detection & Resequenicng (SNP-based) S S S S S S A
    HLA Typing N N S S S S C
    Methylation S S S S S S C
    mtDNA Sequencing S S S S S S S
    - Comparative Genomics S S S S S S S
    - Indels S S S S S S S
    SAGE™ Method C C C C C C A
    SNP Analysis S S S S S S S
    General Sizing of PCR Products S S S S S S S
    Fragment Length Polymorphism
    - AFLP S S S S S S S
    - RFLP A A A A A A A
    Large Fragment Analysis
    - BAC Fingerprinting A A A A A A N
    - VNTR C C C C C C C
    - Genotyping S S S S S S S
    - Analysis for Forensics/HID N N S S S S S
    - Instability/RER A A A A A A A
    Chimerism Studies C C C C C C C
    Conformation Analysis
    - SSCP N N N N A A S
    Relative Flourescent Quantitation
    - Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH) S S S S S S S
    SNP Genotyping
    - SNaPshot® System A A S S S S S
    - SNPlex™ System S S S S S N N
    DNA Protein Binding Assays & DNA Fingerprinting C C C C C C C


  • Accessories

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