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BigDye® Direct Cycle Sequencing Kit

Introducing BigDye® Direct Cycle Sequencing Kit

The BigDye® Direct Cycle Sequencing Kit, the latest innovation in the BigDye® product family, simplifies industry-standard Sanger sequencing workflow by combining post-PCR clean-up and cycle sequencing into a single step.

  • Accuracy of Data: By performing all steps from PCR to capillary electrophoresis in a single tube, reduce the possibility of introducing experimental variability
  • Quality of Sequencing: Read as close as one base after the gene specific primer sequence with the use of POP-7™ polymer
  • Simplified Sequencing Workflow: Reduce the number of manual handling steps and save time. M13 universal sequencing primers (forward and reverse) are incorporated into kit, reducing need to procure multiple reagents

Time Savings
Obtain sequence reads up to 40% faster and with less hands-on time using BigDye Direct Cycle Sequencing Kit.

Traditional sequencing workflows can require more than 8 hours of process time and 5 steps to complete. In contrast, the BigDye® Direct workflow typically requires only 5 hours and 4 steps, producing sequence reads up to 40% faster and with less hands-on time. [Note: the times reported for the PCR and sequencing steps include hands-on time and thermal cycling time using the Veriti® Thermal Cycler.]

Excellent 5’ Resolution with BigDye Direct Cycle Sequencing Kit and POP-7™
Excellent 5’ Resolution


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