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It’s the next step beyond the genome, answering not only what controls coding DNA, but also finding a true role for much so-called "junk" DNA. This complex regulatory network is demonstrating its crucial role in controlling genetic and environmental regulation of gene expression. Researchers are discovering epigenetics as a key factor in development and growth, as well as in nearly every class of disease.

Through its electrophoresis, next-generation sequencing, and real-time PCR tools, Applied Biosystems can help you keep up with this fast-moving field, from analyzing methylation, identifying new nucleotide sequences with chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-Seq), and more.


Select Your Area of Interest:

Capillary Sequencing

Bisulfite sequencing is the gold standard in validation of methylation experiments.

Next-Generation Sequencing

The SOLiD™ System provides a high-throughput method for analyzing genome-wide DNA methylation and CHiP-Seq.

  • Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (ChIP-Seq)
  • Methylation Analysis

Real-Time PCR

Detect methylation differences between genes using real-time PCR-based high resolution melting (HRM) analysis.

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