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Genotyping & Genetic Variation

Your target gene appears different—but how different? And is that difference significant, or are you just looking at a coincidental SNP? Genotyping and gene variation studies help associate those differences with disease and potential therapies, select the right plant seed line, or optimize your lead drug candidates. 

Applied Biosystems is a leader in providing sequencing, real-time PCR instruments, reagents, informatics, and gene-mapping tools for targeted and genome-wide discovery of single nucleotide polymophisms (SNPs), copy number variants, and other genetic variations.

Select Your Area of Interest:

Capillary Sequencing

Applied Biosystems provides a portfolio of leading-edge instruments, reagents and software solutions to enable a multitude of genetic analysis applications.

Next-Generation Sequencing

The accuracy, throughput, and versatility of the SOLiD™ System is uniquely suited for large-scale resequencing experiments.

  • Targeted Resequencing
  • Whole Genome Resequencing

Real-Time PCR

Complete TaqMan®-probe and High Resolution Melting-based workflows that provide everything you need to get from sample to result.

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