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Human Identification

Consider the Evidence™

The Most Trusted, Integrated Human Identification Solutions

Precise results. Consistent performance. Proven success, case after case. It's what you expect from Applied Biosystems. As the worldwide leader in DNA typing solutions, we deliver the most comprehensively validated products, expertise and application support available to human identification laboratories. From our trusted AmpFℓSTR® kits to industry-leading, high-performance genetic analyzers and software, to in-depth training and on-site technical assistance, it all works together to assure your success and maximize your productivity.


Theory-based and hands-on laboratory sessions give you in-depth instruction on our full suite of human identification solutions. 


Learn more about the most comprehensively validated products available for STR-based human identification. Order Validation and Verification Atlas CDs.

Customer Support

Contact technical specialists to answer your questions, review data, and troubleshoot results.  Download articles and other support resources.


HID EVOlution™ Systems reduce hands-on time, minimize pipetting errors, and streamline the transfer of sample data between Tecan and Applied Biosystems instruments.

Experimental Workflow: Find the Products You Need for Every Step

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