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HID EVOlution™ Systems

Platform for Productivity

Newly introduced legislation, enhanced funding opportunities, and increases in property crime submissions place forensic DNA laboratories under constant pressure to increase productivity and reduce sample turnaround time. To help you meet these challenges, we have partnered with Tecan to develop a set of solutions—the HID EVOlution™ Systems—that streamline sample workflows for Human Identification (HID).

HID EVOlution™—Extraction System
The HID EVOlution™—Extraction System combines the most powerful technologies available for automated liquid handling and forensic DNA extraction: the Tecan Freedom EVO® 150 automated liquid-handling workstation, and our PrepFiler™ Automated Forensic DNA Extraction Kit. Together, these tools provide a complete, validated solution that enables your laboratory to:
EVOlution workflow
Overview of HID EVOlution™ Systems
  • Use a standard protocol for the majority of forensic sample types.
  • Significantly increase yield and concentration of DNA isolated from both routine and challenging forensic samples as compared to other commonly used methods.
  • Easily remove sample substrates using the PrepFiler™ 96-Well Filter Plate/Spin Plate Assembly.
  • Process samples and elute purified DNA in either tubes or plates.
  • Extract DNA from 1-96 casework or database samples in under 2.5 hours.
  • Avoid laborious organic solvent extraction.
  • Track sample and reagent information together electronically with automatic barcode reading.
  • Implement rapidly with pre-validated, pre-programmed protocols.
  • Obtain high yield, high quality purified DNA suitable for quantitative real-time PCR and short tandem repeat (STR) analysis.
HID EVOlution™—qPCR/STR Setup System
The HID EVOlution™—qPCR/STR Setup System combines the most powerful technologies available for automated liquid handling and data transfer: The Tecan Freedom EVO® 150 automated liquid handling workstation and our 7500 Real-Time PCR System and 3130xl Genetic Analyzer.  To provide you with a complete validated solution, we have also developed, optimized, and validated HID-specific software for these instruments.  This complete solution enables you to automatically:
    Interactive Demo

    Interactive Demo:
    The HID EVOlution™ System

  • Set up quantitative real-time PCR using Quantifiler® DNA Quantification Kits.
  • Normalize DNA concentrations using HID EVOlution™ Software.
  • Set up PCR for commonly used AmpFâ„“STR® PCR Amplification Kits.

The system is expandable to accommodate additional forensic laboratory applications, and allows further improvements in processing speed and efficiency.

Automate with Confidence
You won't find two better partners than Tecan and Applied Biosystems. The Tecan Freedom EVO® sets the standard for automated liquid handling platforms, and Applied Biosystems Human Identification solutions deliver the most trusted, reliable, and robust results which improve productivity. Put them together, and you have a superior solution that meets the challenges facing forensic DNA laboratories today. You also have access to experienced professionals, with training in forensic DNA analysis methods, who can provide you with expert support, training, and assistance.


For more information about the HID EVOlution™ System, contact your local Applied Biosystems or Tecan office.

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