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Training is the Key to Success

Forensic DNA testing constantly evolves with new technologies, procedures, and requirements. To maintain success, DNA analysts must learn how best to adapt laboratory processes and improve their technical understanding of analysis procedures.

All of these reasons make training a top priority. Properly trained forensic scientists increase productivity, reduce down time, and contribute to the laboratory's success. Whether you are validating new technologies and protocols or want to gain an understanding of basic troubleshooting skills for specific applications, our Integrated Human Identification Training courses will help you achieve your goals.

Applied Biosystems understands how training and continued education for DNA analysts contributes to the success of any laboratory. We partner with the Human Identification community to provide specialized training courses for Applied Biosystems validated reagents, instrumentation, and software. The HID University logo indicates training opportunities in your region that are designed specifically for users of Applied Biosystems products that are validated for use in Human Identification applications.

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