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Validate with Confidence

Confidence in forensic DNA results is gained through validation studies, which provide objective evidence that a DNA testing method is robust, reliable, and reproducible. Validation experiments define procedural limitations, identify critical components of the procedure that require quality control and monitoring, and establish standard operating procedures and interpretation guidelines for laboratories to follow while processing samples.

Applied Biosystems maintains a team of scientists dedicated to developmental validation. The result is the industry's most comprehensively validated line of products available for STR-based Human Identification.

Applied Biosystems integrated STR-based Human Identification solutions combine AmpFℓSTR® kits, instrumentation, software, consumables, services, and customer training. Each component is quality-controlled and validated to work together – making it easier for you to get accurate, reliable, and reproducible results.

Validation and Verification Atlas CD
The Validation and Verification Atlas CD organizes information on forensic DNA analysis methods and provides direct access to Applied Biosystems developmental validation studies, reference materials, quality assurance guidelines, user bulletins, user manuals, and other supporting documentation. It is an extension of the validation support tools available from Applied Biosystems and our commitment to continue working with the forensic community to help scientists meet vital quality assurance guidelines.

Validation Support and Training Program
Validation Support and Training Program enables forensic laboratories to overcome critical implementation challenges through a collaborative partnership with Applied Biosystems — the world-wide leader in validated Human Identification solutions. Learn more >