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Introduction to Fast PCR

Want Quick, Reliable Research? Start with Fast PCR!

Decreased Thermal Cycling Times. Standard reaction times shown for amplification of a 600 base pair amplicon using various master mixes on the Veriti 96-well Fast Thermal Cycler.

In a research environment that is sensitive to time and efficiency, reducing time-to-results is essential. Fast PCR can help you achieve results comparable to standard reactions in just a fraction of the time. With the most complete suite of Fast PCR products available today, Applied Biosystems can help you significantly increase the speed at which PCR or cycle sequencing reactions can be performed.

With Fast PCR, thermal cycling reactions that normally take over an hour and a half can take as little as 25 minutes (for 500 bp amplicons). Some simple amplicons may take as little as 10 minutes while larger fragments, up to 2kb, can be amplified in approximately 40-50 minutes. Converting your existing PCR protocols from traditional to fast to achieve these quick cycling times is straightforward. By following simple guidelines, you can acquire the reliable results that you've come to expect from Applied Biosystems.

Explore Fast PCR
Applied Biosystems offers you a choice of Fast PCR reagents, optimized to work with your application. When combined with the Veriti® 96-well Fast Thermal Cycler, you can take your thermal cycling faster than ever before. For researchers who want extremely fast endpoint PCR, GeneAmp® Fast PCR Master Mix offers you quick results. This hot-start enzyme delivers fast PCR on sequences up to 2 kb in under 50 minutes and standard 500 bp targets from genomic DNA in under 25 minutes. Sensitive and specific, you can detect a single copy of a gene in 10 ng of human genomic DNA. If you are speeding up your workflows for applications such as genotyping or endpoint PCR, GeneAmp Fast PCR Master Mix is for you.

Alternatively, if you are looking to speed up your PCR within your sequencing workflow, AmpliTaq Gold® Fast PCR Master Mix, UP has been designed for you. AmpliTaq Gold Fast PCR Master Mix, UP brings PCR reaction times down to as little as 40 minutes and delivers specific, high-yield amplicons for easy, high quality sequencing data on par with standard PCR reagents such as the classic AmpliTaq Gold PCR Master Mix. Designed for use with your existing primers, the new AmpliTaq Gold Fast PCR Master Mix, UP provides sensitive, reproducible results. You can detect up to 10 copies of a single gene in 10 ng of genomic DNA. When combined with modified cycle sequencing conditions for fast cycle sequencing, you can go from sample to basecalling in 6 hours or less.


Veriti® 96-well Thermal Cycler

The Veriti 96-well Thermal Cycler is both a standard and fast thermal cycler in one. If you are currently performing standard PCR but anticipate a need for fast thermal cycling in the future, the Veriti 96-well Thermal Cycler provides you with the flexibility to go fast when you want.

GeneAmp® Fast PCR Master Mix

  • Fastest option for quick time to discovery
  • Reliable and reproducible results


MicroAmp® Fast 96-well Reaction Plate, 0.1 mL

MicroAmp® Fast Reaction Tube with Cap, 0.1 mL

AmpliTaq Gold® Fast PCR Master Mix

  • Quick, reliable results for cycle sequencing or downstream sequencing applications
  • Works with your existing primers
MicroAmp® Fast 96-well Tray



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