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Copy Number Variation

TaqMan® Copy Number Assays combine TaqMan® MGB probe chemistry with Applied Biosystems real-time PCR instruments to form a method for obtaining specific, reproducible, and easy-to-interpret copy number results. This method is fast and simple, and can be completed in hours rather than days. TaqMan® Assays are the gold standard for accurate target quantitation, making them ideal for use in microarray follow-up studies. TaqMan® Copy Number Assays can be used to screen specific targets, and the workflow can be automated so several hundred to thousands of samples can be processed in a single day

The TaqMan® Copy Number Assay Product Family includes the following:

  • Pre-designed TaqMan® Copy Number Assays
    • Human: over 1.6 million pre-designed assays available for genome-wide coverage
    • Mouse: over 180,000 pre-designed assays available for gene exons
    • Common vector marker and reporter genes assays
  • Custom Plus TaqMan® Copy Number Assays for user-defined human and mouse genomic targets
  • Custom TaqMan® Copy Number Assays for other targets of interest
    • Submit masked target sequences for assay design
    • Submit primer/probe pair sequences for assay synthesis
Also available are human and mouse TaqMan® Copy Number Reference Assays.

As the simplest method available to study copy number variation, the TaqMan® Copy Number Assays feature easy assay ordering and a simple workflow to enable quick results.

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