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Protein Expression

The Specificity and Sensitivity of TaqMan® Expression Assays — Now Available for Protein Research

Revolutionary TaqMan® Protein Assays combine the sensitive, specific protein-binding capabilities of antibodies with the superior relative quantitation capabilities of 5' nuclease real-time PCR. They enable fast, easy identification and relative quantification of proteins from small sample sizes or limited numbers of cells—all in a homogeneous assay format. With the TaqMan® Protein Assays Open Kit, you can make your own TaqMan® Protein Assay from a biotinylated antibody for your protein of interest.
  • Enables direct correlation of mRNA and/or miRNA expression to protein expression on the same real-time PCR platform
  • Provides greater sensitivity and a more quantitative readout than western blots and immunostaining—no fixing or staining cells!
  • Open Kit enables simple assay development from biotinylated antibodies for your proteins of interest—even using a single polyclonal antibody!

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Understanding TaqMan® Protein Assays

Select Your Area of Interest:

Protein Analysis on Small Samples

Determine protein expression in small samples such as stem cells or germ cell tumors.

Correlation of RNA and Protein Results

Helpful for validating results from mRNA and/or miRNA assays.

Analysis of Post-translational Modifications

Characterize expression of endogenous phosphorylation sites in samples.

Validation of siRNA Induced Silencing

Confirm knockdown of gene targets with siRNAs.

Validation of Gene Transfection/Transduction

Confirm protein expression or characterize induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) colonies.

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