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Understanding TaqMan® Chemistry-Based Protein Assays

TaqMan® Protein Assays are an adapted form of PLA™, a proximity ligation assay technology1,2 that combines antibody-protein binding with detection of the reporter nucleic acid by real-time PCR. Applied Biosystems has optimized this technique for use with crude cell and tissue lysates and combined it with TaqMan® chemistry to create a highly sensitive and specific process for measuring protein expression in small samples. Assays have been developed for the detection of OCT3/4, NANOG, SOX2, and LIN28 in human embryonic stem cells, as well as ICAM1 and CSTB to measure relative quantification in human cells.

There are two product choices for TaqMan® Protein Assays-based research:

  • Pre-designed TaqMan® Protein Assays
  • Custom TaqMan® Protein Assay Using Your Antibody

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