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OpenArray® Real-Time PCR System

The details are under control with OpenArray®

“We believe this statistical analysis applied to RT-qPCR data generated from high-throughput instrumentation could revolutionize searches for targets and biomarkers by enabling the quantitative analysis of the expression of large numbers of genes across large sample cohorts.”
- Mariusz Lubomirski, Ph.D., Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical R&D, LLC

OpenArray® technology helps you get more answers than standard qPCR and better answers than microarrays with:
  • The most customizable up-front configurations
  • Faster high-throughput results
  • Flexibility to help you take advantage of the best cost-per-data-point for your tests
The OpenArray® Real-Time PCR Platform puts the control in your hands to get the answers you need. It delivers the best combination of convenience, flexibility, throughput, and cost-effectiveness for mid-density genotyping, and gene expression and digital PCR studies.

The powerful OpenArray® Real-Time PCR Instrument and OpenArray® AccuFill™ System combination processes thousands of samples per day without the use of robotics. Learn More >


Start Getting Answers Now (Select your application)

Gene Expression

32,000+ data points in just one day

Targeted Pathways

24,000+ data points in just one day


Expression profiles for 36 samples in just one day


70,000+ data points in just one day

Digital PCR

36,000+ data points in just one day


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