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SNP Genotyping

There are a number of SNP analysis techniques available, some requiring more steps and manual intervention than others. Using a 5' nuclease assay chemistry protocol is a fast and simple way to get data results. The experiment protocol involves combining purified genomic DNA, master mix, and a 5' nuclease assay, then thermal cycling, reading, and analyzing the results. 

TaqMan® SNP Genotyping Assay 5' nuclease technology uses two allele-specific TaqMan® MGB probes and a PCR primer pair to detect the specific SNP target. The probes and primers uniquely align with the genome, enabling TaqMan® genotyping technology to provide unmatched specificity.

With 4.5 million pre-designed TaqMan® SNP Assays available and a robust custom design pipeline, genotyping with TaqMan® Assays is an ideal method for validating and screening a low to medium number of SNP markers and a high number of samples. With a choice of Applied Biosystems 48-, 96-, 384 or greater than 384-well real-time PCR instrumentation, you can select the workflow that best fits your genotyping project needs.

Select Your Area of Interest:

SNP Genotyping

SNP Genotyping Using 48-, 96-, or 384-Well Formats

For studying a small number of SNPs and fewer than 1,000 samples

Drug Metabolism Genotyping

Choose from over 2,700 unique assays that detect polymorphisms in all known high-value DME pharmacogenetics markers, including PharmaADME core markers.

SNP Genotyping Using Greater than 384-Well Formats

For studying a low to medium number of SNPs and greater than 1,000 samples