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SYBR® Green-Based Detection Using the OpenArray® Real-Time PCR System

The OpenArray® Real-Time PCR system helps streamline genomic discovery and validation, pathogen detection and biomarker identification and screening, at a scale previously unattainable. Achieve the highest sample throughput for mid-density gene expression—in a single day, one user can generate >24,000 gene expression data points on the OpenArray® Real-Time PCR System, without the use of robotics.

  • More replicates—each plate generates over 2,500 data points, enabling technical replicates for better statistical power
  • Simple workflows—each OpenArray® Plate comes preloaded with the assays of your choice—just add sample and master mix, cycle and image
  • Experimental flexibility—select from pre-designed SYBR® Pathway Panels, or specify your own SYBR® Assays and select the sample/assay format that best meets your project needs
  • Reliable and economical—uses SYBR® chemistry in a nanofluidic design that reduces reagent usage

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