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Microarray Validation

Microarrays are an excellent tool for initial target discovery. However, variability in microarray results exists from lab to lab, user to user, platform to platform, and every combination thereof. Additionally, the relatively limited dynamic range of fluorescent microarrays (102-103) places limits on the technology with respect to sensitivity and specificity. It is therefore essential to use independent means to verify that genes of interest are differentially expressed, and to what extent.

TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays
The gold standard in the MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) Project, which compared data from seven microarray platforms (Nature Biotechnology, September 2006). TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays have high specificity, sensitivity and large dynamic range.

Affordably priced, these pre-designed assays eliminate the cost and labor barriers historically associated with TaqMan® probe-based 5' nuclease chemistry. You can receive targets of interest immediately, and the breadth of assays available makes accurate microarray validation possible. To find the appropriate TaqMan® Assay to validate microarray results, use our UMapIt™ Microarray-to-TaqMan® Assays Mapping Tool.

TaqMan® Array Microfluidic Cards
The perfect tool for validating the tens or hundreds of hits that come from microarrays. They include 12-384 TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays in one easy-to-use 384-well card. TaqMan® Array Cards enable you to accomplish the validation necessary to arrive at the right answer easily and affordably.  Choose from gene signature cards preformatted with TaqMan® Assays selected for specific pathways, biomarkers or disease states, or customize a card with the assays of your choice.

Microarray validation workflow

Using TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays in Relative Quantitation mode on the Applied Biosystems® 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System enables the screening of a large number of samples using highly accurate and specific chemistry.

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