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SOLiD™ 4 System

You Can Upgrade to the New 5500xl SOLiD™ System

Solid 4 System

The SOLiD™ 4 System

The SOLiD™ 4 System enables researchers to obtain higher-quality genomes at lower cost without the purchase of a new instrument. With Life Technologies, researchers experience peace of mind.


  • Scalable system
    The SOLiD™ 4 System provides 100 GB for the $6,000* Quality Genome**
  • Superior accuracy
    More than 80% of the bases have quality values >30 for higher confidence in your results
  • Uniform coverage
    Total Precision reagents improve coverage to enable the discovery of rare variants in difficult (GC/AT-rich) regions of the genome for fewer false negatives
  • Expanded application support
    Barcoded paired-end sequencing that detects somatic mutations, novel splice variation, and fusion transcripts with less input material
  • Automated sample preparation
    80% reduction in hands-on time
View SOLiD™ 4 System Specification Sheet (PDF)

The SOLiD™ System enables researchers to obtain higher accuracy and sensitivity for variant discovery with less coverage. Read the latest peer-reviewed publications that demonstrate how the SOLiD™ System allows you to see what’s never been seen before.


* Cost per genome represents 30X sequencing of the human genome with US list pricing at optimal running efficiencies with the SOLiD™ EZ Bead™ System.
** The Quality Genome is a combination of accuracy and throughput that enables research studies to be conducted more cost-effectively than ever before.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.