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Small RNA Analysis

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Figure 1

Figure 1: Small RNA regulates gene expression through several mechanisms.

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Fig 1 Small

Figure 2: Overview of SOLiD™ Total RNA-Seq Kit Workflow

Small non-coding RNAs are typically only ~18–40 nucleotides in length, however their effect on cellular processes is profound (see Figure 1). Small RNA has been shown to play critical roles in developmental timing, cell fate, tumor progression, neurogenesis.

Animals, plants, and fungi contain several distinct classes of small RNA, including:
  • microRNA (miRNA)
  • short interfering RNA (siRNA)
  • piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA)
  • siRNA RNA (rasiRNA)

Small RNA Analysis with the SOLiD™ System

The SOLiD™ Small RNA Solution is a robust method for hypothesis-neutral, whole genome analysis of expression patterns that enables you to discover novel RNA without the probe bias of microarrays. Using the SOLiD™ Total RNA-Seq Kit, you can convert total RNA into a library suitable for emulsion PCR in a single day. This simplified protocol reduces experimental variability and improves the detection of biologically relevant changes.

The SOLiD™ Total RNA-Seq kit is a single kit for the construction of libraries for either small RNA or whole transcriptome analysis. The expression profiles from these libraries are highly concordant with those from previous kits (SOLiD™ RNA Expression and SOLiD™ Whole Transcriptome Analysis kits).

Together, the SOLiD™ Total RNA-Seq Kit and the ultra-high throughput SOLiD™ 4 System:
  • Conserve strandedness of cDNA, allowing you to know exactly which strand a particular transcript originated from.
  • Generate up to greater than 700 million mappable sequence reads per run for a fragment library enabling high sensitivity for analyzing low RNA expression levels and measuring accurate fold changes at the same low expression levels.
  • Enable you to multiplex and sequence RNA libraries simultaneously, reducing the cost of analysis per sample.
  • Detect allele specific expression patterns

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