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Stem Cell Research

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Applied Biosystems is utilizing its core technologies to develop new applications in stem cell research to integrate genetic variation, gene expression, and protein quantitation, while producing more reliable results in a shorter timeframe.

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Sample Preparation

A critical step for most molecular techniques, covers Applied Biosystems TaqMan® PreAmp Cells-to-CT™ Kit, and Cells-to-CT kit options for gene expression analysis directly from limited or small numbers of cultured cells without RNA purification.

Cell Line Analysis

DNA-based methods for the identification of cell lines, assessment of genomic stability, and detection of adventitious organisms.


Gene expression and protein expression analysis to test for self-renewal in pluripotent cells and discuss monitoring of the unique expression profiles of differentiated or de-differentiated stem cells.

Functional Analysis

The use of RNAi and protein detection to study the mechanisms regulating gene transcription and translation.