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Gene Knockdown

Post-translational silencing of gene expression is a powerful molecular tool for stem cell research to study gene function, biological pathways and physiology of disease. Gene silencing via siRNA enables several applications:

  • Developmental pathway screening to determine the gene function and identify transcription factors that regulate self-renewal, proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis.
  • Directed differentiation of embryonic or tissue-specific stem cells by silencing genes of pluripotency maintenance, such as Oct 4 or Nanog to induce early differentiation and lineage determination.
  • Reprogram or dedifferentiate tissue specific stem cells to repair damaged tissues or organs.

The Applied Biosystems siRNA Analysis Workflow is an optimized system for inducing gene silencing. Benefits include:
  • Integrated workflow: Solutions for siRNA selection, transfection, validation and functional analysis by real-time PCR
  • GeneAssist™ Pathway Atlas: An interactive on-line tool to select siRNAs and assays within the context of biological process
  • Silencer® Select Pre-designed siRNAs: Chemically modified siRNAs with improved silencing efficacy, potency and specificity that minimize artifacts due to poor silencing and off-target effects

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