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Gene Regulation

A key area of interest in stem cell biology is understanding the mechanisms that regulate self renewal, differentiation, cell cycle control and other biological processes.

Post-transcriptional regulation by microRNA (miRNA) is one of several mechanisms under investigation. miRNA's are known to regulate the translation and stability of messenger RNAs (mRNA) by cleavage or by blocking the translation of mRNA into protein. Some miRNA's are differentially expressed in stem cells thereby providing unique molecular signatures by biological process, by cell type (embryonic, cancer or tissue-specific cells) and by species.

The Applied Biosystems miRNA Analysis Workflow is a complete system for miRNA profiling and functional analysis using Real-time PCR. The system offers several benefits over microarray-based solutions:

  • Greater sensitivity to enable single cell analysis
  • Simple, optimized workflow
  • Scalable for global profiling and specific miRNA analysis

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