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the power to protect the public from waterborne disease

Waterborne Pathogen Detection

Detecting and monitoring waterborne pathogens in recreational and drinking water supplies is essential to protect against preventable human infection. Rapid methods such as qPCR can deliver results, from sample prep to data analysis, in less than a few hours. Delivering accurate, same-day results can greatly improve the ability to respond to contamination events in time to contain the health risk to the public.

Compared to traditional methods such as culture, qPCR-based solutions:

  • Reduce time-to-results from 24 hours to less than a few hours
  • Increase accuracy and reduce false negatives by using pathogen-specific TaqMan® Assays
  • Eliminate lengthy and subjective data analysis
Applied Biosystems® products lead the industry for fixed and custom waterborne pathogen qPCR tests. Even if you are new to qPCR, when you use Applied Biosystems® products, you get expert service and support teams that can help get your testing validated and implemented in minimal time.

Contact us to receive a consultation on how we can help you move from traditional methods over to qPCR quickly and effectively.

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