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Life Technologies Completes Acquisition of BioTrove

Welcome to Life Technologies!

On December 15, 2009, Life Technologies Corporation acquired BioTrove, Inc., provider of the mid-density OpenArray® Real-Time PCR System.  As a result, the OpenArray® Platform now includes the full support and expertise of Applied Biosystems. In addition, you may now order OpenArray® Real-Time PCR products through the Applied Biosystems web site (www.appliedbiosystems.com)  as well as  by phone, fax, and email (view Applied Biosystems contact info). 

With the OpenArray® System, you have better control over your research with the most customizable up-front configurations, faster high-throughput results, and greater flexibility to perform a wide range of genotyping and gene expression experiments.

For more information on specific OpenArray®  technology products, click on the appropriate link below: