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Financing Solutions for North American Customers

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Acquire the technology you need for your next discovery with innovative financial solutions

One thing is certain in today's marketplace: equipment and technology needs are rapidly evolving and changing. To be successful and make your next discovery, you've got to keep pace with the latest technological advancements and do so within budgetary restraints.


Our mission is to provide the most flexible financing options to our customers. Before we recommend a solution, we'll work with you to understand your needs. Based on your needs, we will design a complete financial package that gives you the opportunity to affordably leverage the benefits of your equipment and technological solutions. 

By taking advantage of Applied Biosystems' innovative, flexible financing offerings, you can align cash flow more closely with revenues, allowing you to begin your research with products and experience you can count on while still preserving capital and lines of credit. 

For information about Applied Biosystems' financing solutions for countries outside North America,

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