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Financing Solutions for North American Customers

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Benefits of Leasing with Applied Biosystems

In today's business climate, decisions are difficult. Here's how we help make these decisions a little bit easier.

Cash Management

  • Attractive Rates and Affordable Payments
    We can tailor your lease payments according to cash flow requirements resulting in low incremental payments, thereby making it easier to obtain your equipment.

  • Budget Restrictions
    With proper asset management, non-debt financing helps you overcome capital budgeting restrictions and accelerate the purchase process by creating an operating expense in its place.

  • Boost Your Acquisition Power and Conserve Working Capital
    When leasing, you may be able to classify your technology investment as an expense, rather than a capital investment. This gives you the latest technology without eroding your capital budget. Leasing also enables you to conserve your working capital, allowing you to utilize it for other investments with high return opportunities or save credit lines for other operating needs.

  • Accounting and Tax Benefits
    Certain lease structures allow payments to be treated as operating expenses, giving them an off-balance sheet classification and making them fully tax-deductible. This potentially increases your borrowing capacity while easing the budgeting process and preserving key financial ratios. Other lease structures allow the tax advantages of interest deductions and depreciation.

Flexibility and Convenience

  • One Source Financing
    Instrumentation, installation, service and software may be bundled into your plan, making equipment selection and integration as simple as possible.

  • Tailored Financing Structures
    Companies have different needs and cash flow patterns. Whatever your requirements, we can customize a leasing plan to give you the best possible solution. You can choose the solution you need today and keep your options open for tomorrow.