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Financing Solutions for North American Customers

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Financing Options

Applied Biosystems makes equipment acquisition affordable. Our flexible financing options have been designed to meet the needs of research facilities and can be customized to put the today's technology within your reach.

$1 Purchase Option
Similar to a loan, with this lease you can own the equipment, make monthly payments and can usually take advantage of tax benefits such as interest deductions and depreciation. At the end of the lease term, you pay $1 and the equipment is yours with no further obligation.

Fair Market Value (FMV)
This lease offers the lowest possible payment, investment protection and the added convenience to upgrade to new technology as your needs change. At the end of your lease term, you will have several options to help you meet your needs. You can renew the lease, purchase the equipment for its then-current fair market value, or return the equipment without further obligation.

Cost Per Result
Need to streamline your lab operation? In today's marketplace, the placement of automated instrumentation in your lab is an investment in the future. A cost-per-result financing arrangement can provide you with our lowest volume-based pricing, allow you to determine the most cost effective equipment configuration and allow for more meaningful price comparisons. A cost-per-result product often allows for use of operating funds vs. capital funds.

Customized Leases
We can tailor our leases to serve your company's particular needs. A variety of flexible financing structures are available to meet your unique cash flow, budgeting, accounting and tax requirements. Options include many special features, such as skipping payments at a certain time of the year, lower payments at the start of the lease or deferred or graduated payment plans to match your business' needs and objectives.

Special Programs
Federal, State and Municipal Leases
We can facilitate all financing options for federal, state and municipal entities.