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Example Data Sets

Download example data files generated by Applied Biosystems instruments and reagents. Example data is provided for software development only, covers a variety of troubleshooting issues, and does not necessarily reflect normal data quality.
Application Instrument Compatibility Download Data Set
AFLP Analysis Genetic Analyzers 16 .fsa files (0.5 MB)
DNA Sequencing SOLiD™ System 16 files
DNA Sequencing SOLiD™ System 8 files
DNA Sequencing SOLiD™ System 12 files
DNA Sequencing SOLiD™ System 16 files
Genotyping with SNaPshot® Multiplex System Genetic Analyzers 3 .fsa files ( 0.2 MB)
Genotyping with SNPlex™
Genotyping System
Genetic Analyzers 768 .fsa files (11.6 MB)
Microsatellite Analysis Genetic Analyzers 3 .fsa files (0.7 MB)
Sequencing, Resequencing Genetic Analyzers 96 .ab1 files (32 MB)
Real-Time PCR Real-Time PCR instruments 3 .sds files (11 MB)

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