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Attune® Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometer

Attune® Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometer

Flow Cytometry Reinvented
With the Attune® Acoustic Focusing Cytometer, you don’t have to make compromises – not only do you get a high sample input rate you also get high precision when analyzing precious samples or detecting rare events.

NEW! Now available in Blue/Red Laser Configuration >

Whether you are conducting standard applications , such as immunophenotyping , cell cycle, cell proliferation or apoptosis, or performing specialized cell analysis (i.e., analyzing marine or microbiological samples), the Attune® cytometer allows you to control your sample concentration, flow rate, the number of photons you detect, and the length of your experiment and more.

  • Precise—high collection rates without compromising CVs
  • Fast—rare-event detection 10 times faster compared to conventional cytometers
  • Simple—simplified sample preparation with no-lyse, no-wash method that eliminates cell loss

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