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Precision Counts
Applied Biosystems Introduces First Integrated Sample Prep and qPCR Kits for CHO Host Cell DNA Quantitation in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Keep quantitation in house with the world's first integrated Real-Time qPCR System for quantitation of residual CHO host cell DNA. The system combines optimized magnetic bead–based sample preparation that yields quantitative, precise DNA recovery from complex matrices with qPCR-based quantitation. This helps you accelerate process characterization and execute rigorous process clearance studies.

• Includes sample preparation, CHO quantitative standard
   DNA, TaqMan® assay, and master mix
• Highly sensitive, specific quantitation
• Optional automated sample preparation delivers up to 24
   test results in 5 hours

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Achieve Highest DNA Recovery from Complex Samples

Can you afford not to have the highest/most consistent DNA recovery from your samples?

The PrepSEQ™ Residual DNA Sample Preparation Kit is optimized for highly efficient DNA recovery from complex mixtures of proteins, buffers, and salts. Quantitative and consistent recovery of DNA can be obtained from challenging matrices, including samples that have high protein concentration, low pH, or high salt.

Data to the left show high and consistent recovery from a typical antibody purification in-process sample spiked with 1 pg of genomic DNA standard.

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Mycoplasma Detection: How Low Can You Go?

No need to worry about accurate screening when you have low levels of Mycoplasma in your sample. The MicroSEQ® Mycoplasma Detection System provides accurate results from samples that contain less than 10 CFU/mL of Mycoplasma.

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Easy Just Got Easier
MicroSEQ® ID Sequencing and PCR Cleanup Kits

Now you can clean up your PCR and DNA sequencing reactions with the same kits used in the Applied Biosystems R&D and QA labs.

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  Issue 2 | May 2009
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