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The New Math for Rapid Detection:
1 Sample Prep + 1 Instrument Platform = Detection of 3 Cell Culture Contaminants

Based on powerful real-time PCR technology, the Cell Culture Rapid Methods Program can help improve productivity and efficiency in process development and manufacturing facilities. There's no need to prepare separate samples each time contaminant screening takes place. Test for Mycoplasma, Vesivirus, and Mouse Minute Virus (MMV) contamination in cell culture processes using one sample prep and one instrument platform. Contact to learn more about how you can implement this program in your cell culture processes.
Detect Mouse Minute Virus (MMV) Strains in Cell Culture Samples
MMV contamination is a potential threat to CHO and NS0 cell culture manufacturing processes. Multiple cell culture manufacturing facilities have been negatively impacted over the past 20 years following contamination with this virus. Use of a rapid, PCR-based detection method enables in-process monitoring throughout the cell culture manufacturing process so you can achieve the earliest possible detection of a contamination event.

The ViralSEQ™ Mouse Minute Virus (MMV) Detection Kit detects MMV in a wide range of sample types. The kit also includes a proprietary positive control molecule that minimizes the possibility of a false positive test result arising from inadvertent contamination of the test sample with positive control.
  • Sample prep solution with highly efficient DNA recovery
  • Specific—no cross-reactivity with unrelated DNA
  • Detection of all known MMV strains
  • TaqMan® chemistry–based real-time PCR assay
  • Rapid time-to-results, typically less than 4 hours
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Over 200 Microbes Added to the New MicroSEQ® Bacterial Library Version 2.2
As part of its regular library update, over 200 new validated bacterial and fungal species have been added to the MicroSEQ® Microbial Identification System libraries. With this update, the MicroSEQ® System maintains its leading position with the largest and most comprehensive libraries of over 3,100 validated total entries, containing only correctly identified organisms and quality-controlled sequences derived from type strains of preeminent culture collections. The updated MicroSEQ® Bacterial Library Version 2.2 includes:
  • 204 new entries to the MicroSEQ® 16S rDNA 500 Library, for a total of 2020
  • New Mycoplasma, Bacillus, Brevibacillus, Paenibacillus, Chryseobacterium, and Pseudomonas species additions
  • With 42 Mycoplasma species entries, the MicroSEQ® ID System is the ideal identification system to partner with the MycoSEQ™ Mycoplasma Detection Assay when positive results are obtained
For more information, contact your local sales representative or order your MicroSEQ® 16S rDNA 500 Library update (P/N 4458318) directly from

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  Issue 5 | June 2010
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