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Easy to Use, Higher Throughput, Same High Accuracy: Introducing the MicroSEQ® Rapid System
The new MicroSEQ® Rapid Microbial Identification System is the next-generation, high-throughput genotypic system for routine identification of bacteria and fungi within a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment. Powered by the new 3500 Series Genetic Analyzers and the accuracy of gold standard technology, this next-generation system’s time-to-results can help deliver a measurable financial impact through reducing the amount of re-testing and removing the need to outsource identification of hard-to-identify microbial contaminants.

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CHO Residual DNA Assay Validated by Independent Testing Lab
The resDNASEQ CHO System was validated by a biopharmaceutical contract research organization according to ICH Q2 (R1) guidelines for quantitative tests for impurities. The study demonstrates how the system meets specifications for dynamic range, linearity, specificity, repeatability, intermediate precision, accuracy, and limit of quantitation.

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Residual DNA Assay Portfolio Expanded to Include E. coli, NS0, and Vero
In addition to CHO, the resDNASEQ™ Host Cell Residual DNA System now includes quantitative real-time PCR assays for E. coli, NS0, and Vero cell lines. The integrated system includes sample preparation, TaqMan® assay and master mix, and genomic DNA standard. The resDNASEQ™ assays, which are available as early-access kits, can be used to perform sensitive and accurate quantitation of subpicogram levels of host cell DNA across a broad range of sample types, from in-process samples to final product for lot release. Quantitative results can be obtained in less than 4 hours.

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  Issue 6 | September 2010
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