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Introducing the ViralSEQ™ Vesivirus Detection Assay
Viral contamination in mammalian product manufacturing presents a serious risk to the manufacturing process, the manufacturing facility, and the integrity of the product. Vesivirus 2117 is an RNA virus that has emerged as a potential threat to mammalian cell culture production.

Applied Biosystems has developed the first commercially available integrated kit for isolation and detection of Vesivirus from mammalian cell culture samples.
  • Sample prep solution with high recovery of RNA virus
  • Detection of known Vesivirus strains
  • Rapid time-to-results in less than 5 hours
  • TaqMan® chemistry–based real-time PCR assay
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Introducing AccuSEQ™ Software: Mycoplasma and Custom Support for Residual DNA
The AccuSEQ™ Real-Time PCR Detection Software is part of a system that performs analytical testing for impurities and contaminants during the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process. Designed to work with the 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR instrument, the software supports the SEQ family of analytical detection and quantitation assays.
  • Automated presence/absence calls for Mycoplasma detection
  • Enables accurate quantitation of residual DNA in biological samples
  • Single software platform for all current and future SEQ real-time PCR assays
  • Helps enable 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
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7500 FAST and AccuSEQ™ Software IQ/OQ Services
Quick and efficient instrument installation and operational qualification (IQ/OQ) of the real-time PCR instrument are critical to implement routine use of real-time PCR assays for contaminant and impurity analysis in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Now you can complete this critical step with confidence with the help of Applied Biosystems’ 7500 FAST/AccuSEQ™ Software Service and Training Programs.
  • IQ/OQ Service—Helps laboratories overcome critical system qualification through a collaborative partnership with Applied Biosystems.
  • Implementation & Training Programs—Covers laboratory design and workflow as well as additional training based on specific laboratory needs.
  • User Workshops—Offered in various locations around the world, user workshops range from refresher courses to advanced user training.
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  Issue 4 | February 2010
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