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How does automation improve residual DNA sample preparation?
Up to 6-fold higher throughput can be achieved by automating sample preparation for residual DNA host cell quantitation.

Manual sample preparation typically prepares up to four test samples in triplicate, with one hour of hands-on time.

For the same amount of hands-on time, you can process as many as 24 test samples in triplicate, using robotics provided by the MagMAX™ 96 Express (Deep Well) sample preparation Instrument.

The resDNASEQ™ CHO Residual DNA System is the first integrated system that combines optimized magnetic bead-based sample preparation with CHO quantitative standard DNA, and a TaqMan® assay and master mix.

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Which sample prep is best for Mycoplasma detection?
The decision on which PrepSEQ™ sample preparation protocol to use for Mycoplasma detection depends on sensitivity requirements, test sample volume available and desired time to result.

The PrepSEQ Kit 1-2-3 protocol is best for samples that require high sensitivity, low test sample volume and fastest time to results, including research cell lines, bioassay cell lines, cell culture manufacturing samples (from inoculation to harvest), stem cell lines, cellular and tissue therapy samples. The standard PrepSEQ Kit protocol is ideal for samples that require highest sensitivity and test sample volume.

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Dr. Robert Johnson

Dr. Michael Miller

Go molecular! SEQ Seminars to be chaired by Leaders in Rapid Molecular Methods
Upcoming SEQ Seminars will be chaired by respected thought leaders Dr. Robert Johnson in Europe and Dr. Michael Miller in the US.

Dr. Johnson is Director of Dialogue, an independent pharmaceutical consultancy and former Chairperson for the European Compliance Academy Rapid Microbiology Methods Working Group. He has worked internationally in the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years in both proprietary (Wyeth, American Cyanamid, SmithKline Beecham, GSK) and generic (Pliva) companies.

Dr. Miller is the President of Microbiology Consultants, LLC, responsible for providing microbiology, regulatory and quality solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Miller has held numerous R&D, manufacturing, quality, consulting and business development leadership roles at Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly and Company, Bausch & Lomb, and Pharmaceutical Systems, Inc.

Register to attend these free seminars, and review agenda by clicking on the venues listed under the Events column.

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Request a specie
Don't see the species of bacteria or fungi you are looking for in our MicroSEQ Microbial Identification validated libraries? It's easy to submit a request to include a specie.

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MicroSEQ ID has the largest and most comprehensive validated libraries for bacteria and fungi, with over 1800 entries for bacteria, and 1100 entries for fungi, including many environmental isolates. For up-to-date lists of library entries, click on the following:
500 Base Pair Library
16S Full Gene Library
Fungal library

Qualify your Real-Time PCR instrument with confidence
Now, you can complete this critical step with confidence with the help of Applied Biosystems 7500 FASTSDS v1.5 IQ/OQ Service. Quick and efficient installation and operation qualification (IQ/OQ) of the Real-Time PCR Instrument are critical to implement routine use of Real-Time PCR assays for contaminant and impurity analysis in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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  Issue 3 | August 2009
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Overcome Cell Culture, Purification and Process Analytics Bottlenecks
Boston, MA
September 15, 2009

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
October 22, 2009

Rapid Molecular Methods
Research Triangle Park, NC - September 17, 2009

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MicroSEQ ID:
Philippines - September 8-10
Tokyo, Japan - September 10
South Italy - September 2009
Paris, France - October 13
Denmark - October 2009

Mycoplasma Detection:
Bedford, MA - September 30
Paris, France - November 2009

Residual DNA Quantitation:
Bedford, MA - October 1
Denmark - November 2009

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